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Why do commercial vehicle brakes need regular maintenance?

Person conducting repairs on a vehicle spart part to denote commercial vehicle brakes

What do you need to know about commercial vehicle brake systems?

The braking system is crucial to vehicles of all kinds for better control and safety while driving. While passenger vehicles have a hydraulic brake system that uses fluids to operate, most commercial vehicles brakes rely on compressed air to activate the braking system. Though commercial truck brakes are designed to be robust, gradual wear and tear is quite inevitable. However, malfunctioning brakes are usually a consequence of lack of brake maintenance service. Therefore, brake maintenance in commercial vehicles is important to ensure better safety and performance. 

Why do commercial vehicle brakes need regular maintenance?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) revealed that brakes were the main cause for 8 out of 20 commercial vehicle violations in 2020. Moreover, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, problems related to commercial vehicle brakes were the cause of nearly 22% of vehicle component failure accidents. Poorly maintained brakes, misaligned parts of the brake system or similar defects can lead to brake failure. Therefore, regular inspection and brake maintenance in commercial vehicles by a qualified technician who can perform truck brake repairs is essential to ensure optimal performance.

4 common causes of brake failure in commercial vehicles

  • Misalignment: Misalignment of brakes can create an imbalanced braking system, with some applying more or less pressure than the other. This not only reduces the performance of commercial truck brakes but could potentially be dangerous.

  • Overheating: Aggressive driving and improper brake pad installation can both lead to an excessive build-up of heat in the braking system due to friction. Additionally, excessive friction can also be caused by a worn-out brake disc or brake pad.

  • Wear and Tear: When brakes are not frequently inspected for visible signs of damage, it can lead to brake failure. Additionally, commercial vehicles often carry heavy loads that put further stress on the brakes which cause them to deteriorate faster when in use.

  • Lubrication: Regular lubrication is essential for safeguarding your brakes, especially in difficult weather and road conditions. Not only will this help reduce wear and tear over time, but can also prevent potential damage.

How to resolve the issues with commercial vehicle brakes?

There are a number of ways to resolve issues and ensure proper brake maintenance in commercial vehicles. Ensuring adequate levels of air pressure, fixing misalignment of brakes, preventing cargo overload and providing required lubrication can help to keep commercial truck brakes in good working condition. It is also essential to train drivers to maintain a considerable distance between vehicles and drive at a safe speed to reduce excessive stress on brakes in case of unexpected stops. Moreover, conducting frequent truck brake repairs is required and when the need arises it is also necessary to buy truck brake spare parts to replace worn-out parts of the brake system. 

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Let’s Wrap Up!

Brake maintenance service is crucial for commercial vehicles as they travel long distances with heavy loads in harsh weather and road conditions that require frequent stops. Brake maintenance in commercial vehicles is important to prevent accidents due to brake failure and to prevent downtime along with costly truck brake repair and replacement charges. Problems with commercial vehicle brakes can arise due to misalignment, overheating, wear and tear and lubrication issues. However, this can be resolved by frequent repairs, driver training and also includes the need to buy truck brake spare parts to replace damaged or worn-out parts for better performance and safety.

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