Axle Drive provides insurance for logistics and helps you claim benefits quickly with prior verification and documentation.

Capital Loan

Axle Drive offers capital loans for logistics owners and fleet managers to meet working capital expenses in logistics operations.

Fleet Management

Axle Drive offers fleet management solutions to optimise productivity, safety and reporting of vehicles and drivers.

Key Benefits

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Receive capital loan for commercial truck trip expenses.

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Claim insurance for commercial trucks, drivers and cargo.

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Secure your transactions in logistics with escrow service.

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Experience reliable claim settlement for financial services.


Insurance for logistics
Capital Loans

Cover commercial truck trip expenses

Make trips and deliver loads, without having to worry about having enough money to cover the commercial trucking trip expenses.

Commercial Insurance

Get insurance for truck, driver & cargo

Get the essential coverage for your commercial vehicles and cargo in case of loss or damage, as well as health insurance for drivers.

capital loans for logistics
Fleet management
Escrow Service

Ensure secure transactions in logistics

Secure your commercial transactions in logistics with our escrow service for convenient and fast processing of payments in real-time.

Claim Settlement

Experience reliable claim settlement

Our services are tailored to ensure maximum efficiency in capital loans, insurance and escrow with the best possible experience.

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