Key Benefits

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Recharge your FASTag quickly and conveniently online.

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Monitor your toll payments in real time and stay informed.

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Get notified about low balance to prevent being blacklisted.

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Receive a refund to your account for wrong toll charges.


Fastag cash back
Instant Recharge

Recharge your FASTag account instantly

Recharging your FASTag account is easy with AxleTags. Benefit from the convenience of instant online recharge to add funds.

Track Expenses

Keep track of your expenses in real-time

Get accurate and real-time visibility into your toll expenses with AxleTags. Easily identify and prevent any unauthorized charges.

Fastag Digital Transactions
Expanse tracking
Balance Notification

Receive low balance account notifications

Stay on top of your FASTag balance by receiving timely reminders when reaching the threshold limit to prevent being blacklisted.

Debit Adjustment

Reverse funds for wrong toll deductions

Reclaim your wrongly deducted toll payments with AxleTags' debit adjustment feature. Get a refund back to your account.

Fastag Quick Recharge