Key Benefits

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Get cashback for every toll expense with Axlerate FASTags

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Simple Recharge

You have control over your Tag - recharge via admin panel

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Get your FASTag transaction history in a user-friendly dashboard

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Digital Flow

You don’t need manual processing - automate the flow


Fastag cash back

Get 0.25% cashback on every toll transaction

You get cashback for every toll expense with FASTag purchased from Axlerate. Get paid while you pass through every toll.

Digital Transactions

Enjoy cashless transactions at toll plazas

You don’t have to carry cash for every toll on your trip. The toll amount is deducted directly from an account linked to your FASTag.

Fastag Digital Transactions
Expanse tracking
Expense Tracking

Track expenses in a user-friendly dashboard

Don’t worry about manually recording every toll fee. You will receive transaction history that you can review in a user-friendly dashboard.

Quick Recharge

Recharge tags instantly via admin panel

You have complete control over your Tag. The admin can recharge tags from the comfort of a device through net banking.

Fastag Quick Recharge