Key Benefits

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Get payments in a single platform with a simple process.

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Collect and make your payments using multiple methods.

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Create payment links and QR codes without using code.

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Access real-time reports in a user-friendly dashboard.


Payments for axlepay
Simple process

Unify payments in a single platform

You can send and receive payments, all in just a few steps without the need for having any technical expertise or complex setup.

Multiple payments

Collect payments using multiple methods

Manage your payments from a central location without having to juggle multiple sources by using cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and more.

Receive instant payment for invoice
Cash Flow for axlepay user
No-Code Solution

Create payment links and QR codes

Create payment links and QR codes without technical knowledge to share with customers so that you can conveniently collect payments.

Payment History

Access payment history in real-time

AxlePay provides an easy-to-use dashboard to view all your payment and financial information with real-time insights and reports.

Web Integration for axlepay