Fuel Cards

Fuel management cards help you cut costs, gain rewards, recharge quickly and set transaction limits via the admin panel.

Expense Management Cards

Link all your expenses for easy access with expense management cards. Pay for parking, repairs, food, lodging and more for truck drivers.

Key Benefits

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Set customized or default spending limits for each card.

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Monitor your fleet expenses in real time with AxleCards.

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Card Lock

Lock cards instantly to prevent unauthorized transactions.

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Instantly recharge online when you need more funds.


Fuel Management
Customizable Controls

Set customized spend limits for cards

AxleCards help you set and manage transaction limits and also enable or disable ATM withdrawals based on your needs.

Expense Tracking

Keep track of your expenses in real-time

You can effectively monitor and control fleet expenses, ensuring that no unauthorized payments are made without your knowledge.

Expense management
cashless transactions
Card Lock

Lock cards to prevent unauthorized use

AxleCards give fleet managers and drivers the ability to immediately lock a missing or stolen card to prevent unauthorized purchases.

Instant Recharge

Recharge your cards online instantly

You can request funds from administrators with a single click on the app, eliminating the need to make a phone call or take an extra trip.

Instant report for tracking expenses