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AxleDrive helps you to Maximize your fleet efficiency


Analyze metrics with fleet management software to enhance performance.


Keep track of your fleet in real-time with GPS vehicle tracking systems.

Mobile App

Get access to your complete fleet dashboard in a simplified mobile app.

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Our Products

Gps Tracker

Get real-time alerts, 24 hour history, fuel along with driver monitoring capabilities and route optimization.

Real-time Alerts

Receive anti-theft alerts, engine on/off alerts, parking alerts, zone alerts, speed alerts, accident alerts and more.

Route Optimisation

Plan routes according to delivery time windows, vehicle load capacity and traffic congestion to improve fuel efficiency.

Fleet Management

Command your fleet from anywhere with our fleet management software to monitor driver behavior, fuel management, location and more.
Remote Management

Manage your fleet and drivers remotely
with real-time visibility.

Instant Notifications

Receive instant notifications on location,
fuel and driving patterns.

Fleet Dashboards

Monitor fleet data through a simplified
dashboard in a mobile app.

Boost your fleet performance, safety and reduce operational cost

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our GPS systems for trucks are designed for easy installation and user-friendly interfaces. You can reach out to us at 7604-844844 or email us at 

Yes, GPS for trucks often includes real-time traffic information to help drivers avoid congestion and delays.

Yes, our GPS for trucks solutions offer integration with fleet management software for comprehensive vehicle and driver management.

Fleet management software can be beneficial for fleets of all sizes, from a few vehicles to a large fleet, as it offers tools to improve efficiency and streamline operations.

Fleet management software can provide features like real-time tracking, vehicle maintenance scheduling, driver behavior monitoring, geofencing, and reporting.

Yes, fleet management software often maintains historical data, allowing you to review past routes, vehicle performance, and driver behavior.

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