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Receive, manage and distribute payments without any hassle by using our invoice management solutions for logistics.

QR Codes

Collect customer payments by
creating QR codes

Payment Links

Generate & share payment links to
receive payments.

Multiple options

Receive and send payments with
multiple options.

Payment History

Track payment status and history in a

Invoice management solutions for axlerate

It’s your turn to unify payments, maximize savings and automate reports.

Create instant invoices for your customers

Choose from a wide range of payment options and track invoices in real-time through the user-friendly dashboard.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, QR codes and payment links can be secure, especially when used with trusted payment platforms. They often use encryption and authentication to protect sensitive data.

Yes, customers typically need a smartphone with a camera and a compatible payment app or mobile wallet to scan QR codes. Payment links can be opened in a web browser.

Yes, many payment apps and platforms allow users to generate QR codes for receiving payments. You can specify the amount and other payment details when creating the QR code.

Yes, many platforms allow businesses to customize the appearance of QR codes and payment links, adding their logo or specific branding elements.

QR codes and payment links can support various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and bank transfers, depending on the platform used.

Yes, some platforms support using QR codes and payment links for setting up and processing recurring payments, like subscriptions or memberships.

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