Axle Drive provides insurance for logistics and helps you claim benefits quickly with prior verification and documentation.

Capital Loan

Axle Drive offers capital loans for logistics owners and fleet managers to meet working capital expenses in logistics operations.

Fleet Management

Axle Drive offers fleet management solutions to optimise productivity, safety and reporting of vehicles and drivers.

Key Benefits

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Receive real-time alerts to improve efficiency and safety.

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Optimize routes to avoid delays and improve fuel efficiency.

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Monitor fleet related metrics in a user-friendly dashboard.

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Access 24 hour vehicle history to make informed decisions.


Insurance for logistics
Real-time Alerts

Get real-time alerts on fleet performance

Receive instant alerts for anti-theft, engine on/off, parking alerts, speed violations and more to enhance efficiency and safety.

Route Optimisation

Optimize routes for better productivity

Optimize routes based on delivery time windows, driver schedules, vehicle load capacity and traffic to ensure fuel efficiency.

capital loans for logistics
Fleet management
Fleet Analytics

Receive analytics to improve operations

Access all your fleet data such as fuel consumption, driving patterns, miles traveled and more from our user-friendly dashboard.

24 Hour History

Access fleet performance history instantly

Get detailed information on each vehicle, including fuel usage statistics, maintenance updates, and other important metrics.

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