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What you need to know about the documents required for FASTag application?

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Understanding FASTag requirements for commercial vehicles

FASTag for commercial vehicles is issued based on the Tag class, Mapper class and even the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). Since there are different FASTags and toll fees that are deducted for each type of commercial vehicle, it is important to buy the right FASTag by defining the vehicle class and submitting the documents required for FASTag application. 

  • Tag Class: The class of Tag assigned to a commercial vehicle will differ, depending on its type ranging from mini commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles, three axle commercial vehicles to seven or more axle vehicles.

  • Mapper Class: The National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) Mapper contains an extensive list of FASTag IDs and is used for the purpose of allocating transactions to member banks. Commercial vehicles are issued Tags based on the Mapper class for streamlining transactions. 

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): FASTags are also issued based on the vehicle weight ranging from 7500 KGs for light commercial vehicles to 54200 KGs for seven axle commercial vehicles. 

How does the FASTag application process work?

The FASTag application process involves filling in the vehicle owner details and vehicle details along with the supporting FASTag KYC documents and bank account details. In order to buy FASTag for commercial vehicles, logistics owners, fleet managers or truck drivers or owner-operators can apply for FASTag based on the Tag class, mapper class and GVWR. Once the verification process is completed, the Tag ID will be connected to the respective bank account for toll deductions and the Tags will be affixed to the vehicles.

What are the documents required for FASTag application?

The documents needed to apply for FASTag differ for individuals and corporate entities. Moreover, specific FASTag KYC documents are needed for both owners and vehicles. In the case of existing vehicles, an RC book is a mandatory document that is required, in case of new vehicles the temporary registration number is needed.

For Individuals

  • PAN card

  • Address proof and identity proof (Driver’s license / Aadhar card / Valid passport / Voter’s ID card)

For Corporates

  • Private limited/Public Limited/Sole proprietorship document

  • Certificate of Incorporation/ Registration Proof/ Partnership deed/ Proprietor’s PAN card

  • PAN card of the corporate address

  • Photo ID of the signing authority 

  • List of company Directors 

Where can you apply to buy FASTags for commercial vehicles?

Logistics owners, Fleet managers and Truck drivers or owner operators can buy FASTags for commercial vehicles in three ways. They can purchase them from online FASTag service providers, acquire them from banks offering the tags, or apply directly at Point of Sale terminals located within toll plazas. All you have to do is fill the application and submit or upload the required documents for FASTag purchase.

AxleTags are the FASTags for commercial vehicles, providing a simpler and quicker way of paying tolls while keeping track of your spending. Moreover, the application process is simple and hassle-free.

Let’s Wrap Up!

FASTags for commercial vehicles are issued based on the Tag class, Mapper class and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. You can apply FASTags online through FASTag service providers, banks and point of sale terminals within toll plazas. All you need to do is fill in the owner and vehicle details and upload or submit the documents required for FASTag application.

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