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How trucking fuel cards can help to improve efficiency and tracking for logistics

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What are trucking fuel cards and how do they work?

Logistics companies undoubtedly have the biggest fuel consumption rate compared to other industries or individuals. There are many ways to improve fleet fuel efficiency, however, trucking fuel cards are the most sought-after solution. 

The cards are mostly pre-loaded with money that can be debited or it can also be used to receive credit for fuel purchases. Fleet fuel cards with discounts and rewards help to save money for almost every purchase. It prevents unauthorised purchases as every transaction is monitored and a limit is set on every card used by the drivers.

Why should logistics companies consider trucking fuel cards?

Transportation of goods requires huge gallons of fuel for every trip whether it is regional, national, or international and the increase in fuel prices takes a toll on these companies to a greater extent. This is where fuel cards can be a game changer as it provides discounts, credit and even rewards for fuel purchases. Trucking fuel card companies provide commercial fuel cards for trucks that help you to easily keep track of fuel expenses with a user-friendly dashboard and set limits on transactions to prevent overspending or fraudulent activities.

How do fuel cards improve efficiency in logistics operations?

  • Special Discounts: Fuel pumps provide frequent and huge discounts for purchases made with a fleet fuel card even while there is a price hike in the market. Moreover, regular purchases are rewarded in the form of additional services for maintenance, gift coupons and special offers.
  • Secure Payments: Commercial fuel cards for trucks ensure secure payments because just like debit or credit cards they require authentication and the transaction details are sent as live notifications via SMS or email. Moreover, spend limits can be set for each vehicle or driver to prevent fraud.
  • Structured Reports: Most trucking fuel card companies grant access to a user-friendly dashboard where you can track fuel expenses and manage the cards efficiently by setting limits and other controls. There is no need for paperwork, you can process every receipt from the comfort of your device.

What factors should you consider when purchasing a fuel card?

  • Commodity: Check what commodities you need for your fleet. Some commercial fuel cards for trucks provided by trucking fuel card companies allow for the purchase of petrol or diesel and some cards offer both.
  • Control: Check if you have the option to control spending or to set transaction limits and other necessary settings for every card issued to your drivers. Also, check if you can track these expenses through live notifications and structured reports.
  • Coverage: Check the coverage of the fleet fuel card with discounts depending on your need whether it includes access to a particular brand or if you can use the card across different brands. It is important to get the right commercial fuel card for trucks to provide enough coverage for your destination whether it’s regional or national.

Let’s Wrap Up!

In a decade where fuel prices are constantly on the rise, logistics companies suffer the most with transportation being their prime resource. Fleet fuel cards with discounts can efficiently reduce costs with further benefits and rewards. It also provides secure payments and structured reports. The best fleet fuel card for trucks offers the commodity, control and coverage that your fleet needs for every trip! Get your fuel expenses on track today!

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