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How online truck booking benefits both shippers and carriers?

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Why are online truck booking services the future of shipping?

In traditional truck booking, carriers would have to negotiate and agree on a price for their services and shippers wait for a long time to avail the right services either directly or through an intermediary and may not find verified service providers. That is why, an online truck booking platform is the future of shipping.

There are several benefits of online truck booking systems. They provide a shipping method that is not only more convenient, but also less expensive. With a few clicks, you can locate the most profitable loads and trucks for your needs. In addition, you’ll spend less time and money because there are no middlemen involved in the booking process.

How online truck booking benefits both shippers and carriers?

  • Benefits to Carriers: The manual load booking process is time consuming and difficult for carriers. This often results in empty miles, as they spend hours driving around with no load and less revenue. Recent research indicates that empty miles in trucking range from 33% to 40% of the total miles driven (Source: Convoy). An online truck load booking system helps carriers to find loads from shippers across multiple routes so their trucks are never empty.

  • Benefits to Shippers: The logistics industry has seen an increase in demand for fast shipping as people around the world grow more conscious about their time. A study reveals that 53% of customers have cancelled or abandoned their purchase because the delivery was too slow (MarketingProfs, 2022). To meet the need for fast shipping, shippers seek to hire trucks from verified service providers with minimal waiting time. An online truck booking system helps shippers to find trucks for shipments of all sizes and make a booking instantly.

4 benefits of using an online truck booking service

  • No empty trucks: By using an online truck load booking system, you can connect trucks with available load capacity for a more organized and cheaper transportation method. For instance, two different partial loads heading towards the same destination can be combined into a single truck for greater efficiency and to reduce empty miles.

  • No intermediaries: An online truck booking platform is a cost effective solution that will save time as well as money by eliminating any need for intermediaries like brokers or agents. All you have to do is login via web or mobile application, enter your destination,  pick the closest truck, set your hours of need and make your booking directly.

  • Transparent Pricing: Instead of wasting time driving to different truck rental companies, book trucks online from the comfort of your device. You can compare prices and choose which transporter works for you based on your budget with the transparent pricing feature available on the portal. 

  • Live-Tracking: An online transport directory offers real-time tracking features to ensure transparency, so shippers can track their shipments throughout the process from booking to delivery. This way, they can be sure that their shipments will be delivered on time and without any issues.

What to look for when choosing an online truck booking service?

There are a number of online transport directories available for booking trucks and loads. However, it is important to find a verified and user-friendly online truck booking system for your needs. Choose an online truck booking platform that offers a simple booking experience, real-time tracking feature, dynamic and transparent pricing and verified service providers. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

Traditional truck booking methods are often time-consuming, lack visibility and are expensive as it usually involves intermediaries. On the other hand, online truck booking systems are convenient and cost-effective. An online transport directory ensures that there are no empty trucks, no intermediaries, transparent pricing and live-tracking for a seamless booking experience.

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