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Benefits of using GPS speed trackers in commercial vehicles

Inage of a vehicle speedometer to denote GPS speed trackers in commercial vehicles

Understanding the impact of speeding in commercial vehicles

The transportation industry is always on the lookout for better ways to enhance shipment delivery and the concept of fast shipping has become increasingly popular in recent years. As a result, in the attempt to meet delivery deadlines, truck drivers often exceed the commercial vehicle speed limit. Nevertheless, a greater number of logistics owners and fleet managers are now installing GPS speed trackers in commercial vehicles to guarantee driver and fleet safety.

Commercial vehicle speeding leads to accidents which results in injury or even fatalities. According to the Fleet Safety Report 2022 released by GPS Insight, each truck driver was involved in 4.5 accidents per year with over a third of those being caused by the driver’s fault. Also, exceeding the commercial vehicle speed limit might incur heavy fines from local authorities. Speeding in commercial vehicles can also lead to an increase in maintenance costs as the vehicle components undergo wear and tear rapidly compared to normal driving patterns.

What are the common reasons for commercial vehicle speeding? 

Truck drivers are often found speeding due to various reasons including delivery timelines, exhaustion from long hours of work and might also be a result of distracted driving. According to a recent survey conducted by SaveLife Foundation, the following reasons for speeding has been observed:

  • 67.1% – To complete assignment on time

  • 25.1% – Fatigue or sleepy

  • 13.4% – To avoid RTO challan

  • 3.7% – Drink and drive

  • 2.1% – Don’t know/can’t say

  • 1.4% – Others

As per the survey, delivery requirements and deadlines are the foremost reason why commercial vehicles are forced to indulge in overspeeding. Therefore, there is a need to address this issue with effective strategies including real-time visibility for efficient operations and a vehicle speed tracking system for speed control.

Why is it important to install a vehicle speed tracking device?

Logistics owners and fleet managers who rely on manual processes of fleet tracking and operations lack real-time visibility. They remain unaware of driving patterns that might lead to less productivity and safety concerns. Interestingly, the Fleet Safety Report 2022 released by GPS Insight also reveals that an overwhelming majority of those who rely on telematics/GPS tracking have seen vast improvements in safety within their fleet, with 57% claiming it is very effective and an additional 17% deeming it extremely effective.

It is important to install a vehicle speed tracking device to ensure real-time visibility for safe operations and cost-reduction by avoiding accidents and maintenance issues. 

Benefits of using GPS speed trackers for commercial vehicles

  • Reduce accident costs: Speeding in commercial vehicles results in accidents that cause driver deaths and injuries along with truck damages that incur high costs. A survey reveals that fleet vehicle collision cost sums up to $70,000 per year on average (Source: G2 Tech Marketplace). Installing a vehicle speed tracking system helps to ensure driver and vehicle safety while saving money on accident costs and insurance premiums.

  • Reduce maintenance costs: Commercial vehicle speeding can also result in the quick wear and tear of vehicle components. According to G2 Tech Marketplace, companies on average spend $860 every year on vehicle maintenance. Moreover, the 2022 Fleet Safety Report by GPS Insight reveals that the most compelling factor for fleets to prioritize safety was the potential to significantly reduce fleet maintenance costs. Vehicle speed monitored by GPS will be the ideal solution to ensure that drivers do not exceed the commercial vehicle speed limit to maintain vehicle efficiency. 

  • Reduce legal costs: Commercial vehicle speeding violations incur heavy fines by local authorities. Moreover, if injuries or fatalities are caused by overspeeding to pedestrians or other vehicle drivers or passengers, a huge amount of money has to be paid as compensation and legal fees. A vehicle GPS speedometer will help to send speed alerts and ensure that drivers maintain the acceptable speed and avoid costly penalties.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Commercial vehicles are constantly on the move to deliver shipments and overspeeding is a common issue due to various reasons including tight deadlines, fatigue, alcohol consumption and other reasons. Since overspeeding leads to consequences, it is important to install a vehicle speed tracking system to ensure fleet and driver safety. Logistics owners and fleet managers can buy GPS speed trackers in commercial vehicles to help to reduce accident costs, maintenance costs and legal costs.

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