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3 common FASTag payment issues and how to resolve them?

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What you need to know about toll payments in India?

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) is responsible for the infrastructure and maintenance of toll roads or more commonly known as the national highways. The NHAI collects a considerable amount of money from those crossing the toll lanes for better maintenance purposes usually from four wheelers and commercial vehicles. Though FASTag payment issues are quite common, it can be easily resolved and is the most convenient method of paying tolls.

The toll booths initially accepted cash as a way of making payments, eventually FASTag was introduced to make digital payments. However, from 2021 FASTag has been made mandatory for making toll payments. According to a report by Financial Express, on national highways, FASTag penetration now stands at 96.5% and 964 toll plazas are live on FASTag across the country. Choosing the best FASTag for toll payments with a comprehensive dashboard and customer support helps to pass through tolls quicker and handle payment issues efficiently.

How to make FASTag payments for tolls?

FASTags are the most efficient way to pay tolls, especially for those with commercial vehicles under tight delivery deadlines and extra expenses such as fuel. FASTags help you save time and money by allowing you to skip queues and drive through faster.

The FASTags are attached to the vehicles and linked to the owners bank account. The toll fee is deducted automatically when the vehicle passes through the toll booth. Moreover, FASTags are known for its instant recharge options so you never have to worry about not having enough cash for payments as the Tag can be recharged at any given time through multiple payment methods. 

For instance, AxleTags are a smart, efficient way to pay for commercial vehicle tolls and track expenses. Our platform is user-friendly, allowing you to recharge FASTag online with multiple options along with a dashboard that shows all of your spending information in one place.

3 common FASTag payment issues

Though FASTag is the most preferred method of payment for tolls, it has its own issues including account error, technical glitches and Tag issue. Let’s take a look at the common FASTag payment issues. 

  • Account error: The transfer of ownership of vehicles can cause payment issues if the details of the new owner are not updated. Also, if there is an issue with the account details registered with FASTag like the customer ID, vehicle number or the mobile number linked with the account then there might be an issue with payment.

  • Technical glitch: The most common FASTag payment issue is associated with technical glitches.  When the account holder’s bank server is low then the payment will not be processed. Moreover, there are chances of double deductions where the toll fee is deducted twice because of a technical error. The FASTag reader might also not work in some cases owing to technical issues and the FASTag cannot be scanned for payment.

  • FASTag issue: Damaged, lost or stolen FASTags can also create payment issues. Moreover, the FASTag will be blacklisted if the account holder does not maintain the minimum balance required for transactions.

How to resolve FASTag issue online at toll plaza?

FASTag payment issues can be easily resolved by reporting FASTag issues to the nearby FASTag issue centre or even solve the FASTag issue online at toll plazas. In case of account related issues you can use the client portal of your FASTag service provider or reach out to their customer support to update the Tag details. If there is a technical glitch, notify your FASTag provider and request a reimbursement in case of double deduction and contact the bank if there are server issues. Damaged, lost or stolen FASTags can be replaced by reporting the issue to the FASTag service provider and request to block the Tag to avoid misuse by others.

Let’s Wrap Up!

Driving through toll lanes is a tedious task especially with commercial vehicles that need to make quick delivery of shipment. FASTags are the most efficient way to make toll payments. However, it has a few payment issues in terms of account error, technical glitch and Tag issue. Though FASTag payment issues are quite common, it can be easily resolved by reporting FASTag issues to the nearby FASTag issue center or solve the FASTag issue online at toll plazas using the client portal, reaching out to the account holder’s bank and seeking customer support from the FASTag service provider. 

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