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How can anti theft GPS tracker for commercial vehicles help with stolen vehicle recovery?

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What you need to know about vehicle theft in commercial fleets?

A research conducted by Verizon Connect showed that only 44% of those who had a stolen vehicle were able to get it back in working condition. Subsequently, it is highly probable that most stolen vehicles will be considered beyond repair by insurance companies. While insurance is the major focus when considering stolen vehicles, implementing proactive measures in the form of strategies and technological solutions like anti theft GPS tracker for commercial vehicles can help to increase the chances of recovering the stolen vehicles while also reducing the cost of insurance.

4 common ways to prevent commercial vehicle theft

Commercial vehicle theft can occur at different levels including hijacking the entire vehicle, stealing specific parts of the vehicle or even unauthorized use of the vehicle for unofficial purposes can fall under the category of vehicle theft. However, there are four common ways to prevent commercial vehicle theft including a stolen vehicle tracking system.

  • Driver Training: It is important to educate drivers on the reality of commercial vehicle theft and to train them in safety protocols. Drivers should ensure that the vehicle doors are locked when not in use and the keys are not left unattended while also ensuring that they park the vehicles in well-lit areas especially during the night for added security.

  • Fleet Dash Cams: Dash cams can provide an extra layer of visibility, giving fleet managers and authorities a comprehensive view of external and internal activities surrounding the vehicle. This detailed view offers a level of accuracy that would be virtually impossible to achieve without a dash cam.

  • Geofencing: By utilizing geofencing, fleet owners can construct a virtual barrier of security around their vehicles that appear on the map. This allows drivers to go wherever they are needed for work purposes but remain within specified boundaries. When those parameters are exceeded, an alert will be triggered so action can be taken immediately.

  • Tracking Devices: Anti theft GPS tracker for commercial vehicles helps to locate the fleet in real-time and send alerts when there is an unusual interruption. For instance, in some stolen vehicle tracking systems, engine cut off and fuel cut off options are available where fleet managers can switch off the engine or cut the fuel supply remotely at the click of a button in case of suspicious activity. 

Why should you implement a stolen vehicle recovery system?

Fleet managers have to juggle a lot of responsibilities including administrative tasks and it becomes time-consuming and almost impossible to keep tabs on every vehicle. Moreover, in the event of losing a vehicle to theft, filing a complaint will only provide the minimum solution because it is extremely difficult to trace or spot the stolen vehicle by paying attention to only the physical descriptions of the vehicle.

However, using technology for vehicle tracking and recovery can be a productive solution as it provides real-time tracking capabilities and alerts. Therefore, it is important to install a stolen vehicle tracking system like an anti theft GPS tracker for commercial vehicles.

How GPS Tracking Systems can help with stolen vehicle recovery?

Utilizing a GPS tracking system in commercial vehicles will ensure that fleet managers have the accurate data necessary to locate and monitor all of their trucks in real-time. GPS stolen vehicle recovery systems are an efficient and economical solution, as they require minimal setup time and can be easily integrated with additional systems. To maximize the effectiveness of vehicle recovery systems, these devices incorporate two key components: a GPS transmitter to enable real-time tracking and cellular technology for transmitting data to the designated device. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

Commercial vehicles are frequently targeted for theft, ranging from the entire vehicle being stolen to individual parts going missing and even unauthorized use. However, there are a number of ways to prevent commercial vehicle theft and to recover stolen vehicles including driver training, dash cams, geofencing and tracking devices. A stolen vehicle tracking system is considered to be the ideal solution with real time tracking capabilities and alerts. An anti theft GPS tracker for commercial vehicles will be economical, easy to install and integrate with additional systems. 

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