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4 ways to book the highest paying truck loads

Truckloads Explained: What You Need to Know?

Truck owners and drivers understand that searching for loads can be both tedious and difficult, often resulting in empty miles due to hours spent driving with no load or profit. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2019 within the United States alone, 25% of trucks drove with empty trailers. Additionally, figures from OECD suggest that 27% and 40%, respectively for Europe and Asia drive without cargo. However, it is possible to find the highest paying truck loads by implementing effective strategies and technological solutions.

How to find truck loads and what to consider while loading?

It is possible to find truck loads through networking with local shippers and carriers based on the recurring need. Brokers also play a vital role to negotiate between truckers and cargo providers. Moreover, free load boards for truckers are also available where shippers can post their loads and truckers can accept the offer based on their convenience and profitability. However, the most effective method is to use an online transport directory to find loads where shippers and truckers can connect in real-time and make a booking.

The need to find regular truck loads is crucial in order to avoid empty miles, however, loading a truck successfully is not just about filling up its available space. To ensure high paying loads for owner operators and drivers, certain factors need to be considered while sourcing loads including the product specification, vehicle capacity, available lanes and delivery timelines. 

4 ways to book the highest paying truck loads

The cost of a truckload is calculated by taking into account different determinants, such as the availability of loads and trucks in a particular zone, the dimensions and weight of the cargo, shipper’s budget and delivery timeline. There are a number of ways to find highest paying truck loads by paying attention to the trucking lanes, shipment type, operating costs and partnerships. 

  • Choose Trucking Lanes: In order to increase efficiency and profitability, truckers must identify which trucking lanes best suit their needs for each shipment. It is important to understand the lanes that are frequently traveled and find shippers along the same routes to ensure high paying loads for owner operators and drivers. 

  • Select Shipment Type: As much as it is important to choose the right trucking lanes, it is also necessary to select the type of shipment. For instance, truckers have to choose between heavy loads, full load or less-than-truckload shipments which have different rates. Similarly, refrigerated loads and dry van freight have different rates based on the need for specific equipment and timelines. 

  • Analyze Operating Costs: Highest paying freight loads does not necessarily depend on the final price quoted by the shipper because the shipper might quote a considerably high price but the trucker will have a loss if operating costs are not taken into account. Therefore, it is important to analyze operating costs for the specified route and then accept shipments that will be profitable. 

  • Create partnerships: Finding recurring loads is crucial to maintain a stable income and creating partnerships is the best way to find regular loads. Partnerships can be created through local transport associations and also through an online transport directory by finding reliable cargo providers. 

What are the advantages of using AxleDirectory to find loads?

AxleDirectory is an online transport directory where truck owner-operators and drivers can find loads without any commissions. They can list their trucks for free and make a booking with verified cargo providers across India. The platform provides real time tracking features and multiple payment options to ensure a seamless booking process from start to finish. Unlike free load boards for truckers which have restrictions to certain features of the paid version, AxleDirectory is a free platform with all the features needed to book highest paying truck loads

Let’s Wrap Up!

Empty miles is a major challenge in logistics that involves additional operating expenses without generating revenue. Loads can be sourced from networking with local transport associations, free load boards for truckers, brokers and an online transport directory. In order to ensure highest paying truck loads, it is important to consider the trucking lanes, shipment type, operating costs and partnerships. AxleDirectory is an online transport directory to find loads online without commission, with verified service providers, real-time tracking and multiple payment options for a seamless booking experience. 

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