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Why should you replace truck spare parts on a regular basis?

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What do you need to know about commercial vehicle maintenance?

Commercial vehicles are driven mostly on winding routes, rugged roads and dangerous weather conditions which often leads to rapid wear and tear that requires proper maintenance. The FleetNet Benchmarkit executive summary for the 3rd quarter of 2020 reported a 19% surge from the previous quarter to about $542 for mechanical repairs for commercial trucks. However, replacing commercial truck spare parts on a regular basis will reduce repair costs and increase the performance of the vehicle.

Why should you replace truck spare parts on a regular basis?

There are a number of benefits of commercial vehicle preventive maintenance including better performance, fuel efficiency and asset value. Neglecting to adequately maintain commercial vehicles can be an expensive mistake in terms of additional expenses and potential accidents. Maintenance delays result in extended periods of downtime and can put drivers at risk due to the possibility of mechanical malfunctions while driving. Moreover, extensive wear and tear of truck spare parts can also reduce the asset value.

4 common truck maintenance issues and how to solve them?

There are a number of common truck maintenance issues including tyre blowouts, engine overheating, brake malfunctioning and exhaust system failure. However, these issues can be efficiently managed by conducting regular inspections and replacing the required commercial vehicle spare parts.

  • Tyre blowouts: Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that tyre blowouts result in more than 12,000 truck-related accidents causing serious injuries, fatalities and damage to property. To proactively avoid the risk of sudden tyre blowouts, it is essential to routinely identify misaligned axles, ensure appropriate tyre pressure and replace worn-out tyres using commercial truck spares.

  • Engine overheating: Engine overheating can be a major problem in commercial vehicles, stemming from an inadequate cooling system, defective radiator fluid or damaged water pump. It is necessary to monitor the temperature, maintain fluid levels and replace defective radiators to prevent engine overheating.

  • Brake malfunctioning: According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, almost 29.4 percent of all major large truck collisions are caused by malfunctioning brakes or improper brake adjustment and other related issues. In order to avoid brake related issues it is important to check the brake pads, brake fluid and also replace the brake system when required by sourcing it from a truck spare parts supplier.

  • Exhaust system failure: Failing to maintain the exhaust system might cause vibrations, rattling noises and results in increased fuel consumption. Therefore, in order to ensure the highest levels of performance, it is essential to replace the cabin air filters and exhaust components on a regular basis.

How can you buy commercial truck spare parts online?

Although purchasing commercial truck spares from a truck spare parts supplier is quite common, buying truck components online provides a number of advantages. Though there are numerous platforms available, it is important to identify a reliable provider like AxleMarketplace to buy commercial truck spare parts online. When logistics owners, fleet managers and truck owner-operators buy truck spare parts online, it helps them to compare prices from multiple manufacturers, check product availability, pay through multiple methods, track order status, schedule easy returns and seek customer support when needed. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

The lack of proper commercial vehicle maintenance results in additional repair costs and potential accidents due to malfunctioning of commercial truck spares. The most common truck maintenance issues include tyre blowouts, engine overheating, brake malfunctioning and exhaust system failure.However, these issues can be efficiently managed by replacing truck spare parts. The most efficient way to source vehicle components is to buy truck spare parts online as it provides better order tracking, multiple payment options and customer support.

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