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What you need to know about FASTag wrong deductions on toll charges?

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Fastag payment issues: Understanding incorrect toll charges

FASTag has completely changed the way toll payments are made, it enables cashless transactions and helps to drive through toll plazas much faster. However, as with any new technology, difficulties can arise. In the event of using FASTag, users may experience account errors, technical glitches and Tag issues that need to be quickly resolved. The most common issue that arises is one of FASTag wrong deductions where incorrect toll charges are debited. 

Wrongly deducted toll charges could be resulting from technical glitches, issues with ownership of vehicle or even issues with the Tag. Incorrect toll charges are quite common and can be resolved by reporting the issue to the respective authority or making a FASTag complaint online and receiving a refund for FASTag money deducted incorrectly

What are the types of wrongly deducted toll charges?

  • Double Deduction: Double deduction is when a single crossing of the FASTag lane results in two deductions from your account balance. FASTag money deducted twice can mostly be a result of technical glitches. 

  • Exempted Deduction: Some users may have a monthly pass that has been paid for in advance, however toll charges may still be debited while passing tolls. Moreover, in certain cases toll payments are exempted for some vehicles and the money will still be deducted. Such wrongly deducted toll charges might arise from FASTag account errors where details may not have been updated.

  • Inaccurate Deduction: Inaccurate deductions are a frequent issue where more money is deducted than the applicable charges. This could be a result of wrong calculations in the toll system for required FASTag money deductions or might even be due to technical glitches.

  • Unnecessary Deduction: In some cases, the toll charges are deducted from vehicles even when the users of FASTag don’t pass through a toll plaza. 

How to report FASTag wrong deductions?

There are multiple ways to report wrongly deducted toll charges. One of the ways is to dial the toll free helpline number or the customer support number of the bank or other FASTag providers from where you purchased your FASTag. The number is usually imprinted on the FASTag. 

Another way to address the issue is file a FASTag complaint online. You can login to the client portal or the customer dashboard and report your grievances in the section allotted for customer complaints. The complaint is usually filed with the transaction ID along with the registered vehicle number and mobile number. Every bank or FASTag provider has a specific timeline to address such issues and will keep you updated regarding the same.

Can you get a refund for FASTag money deducted?

A refund for FASTag money deducted at toll plazas in terms of double deduction, exempted deduction, inaccurate deduction and unnecessary deduction can be received by analyzing the claims for authenticity. The bank or FASTag provider will verify the claims and any wrongly deducted toll charges will be returned to the customer’s bank account.

Let’s Wrap Up!

FASTag is the most efficient way of paying tolls without the hassle of finding the exact amount of change or waiting in long lines to pass through toll plazas. However, it has its own payment issues resulting from technical glitches, account error and problems associated with the Tag. FASTag wrong deductions are quite common where double deduction, exempted deduction, inaccurate deduction and unnecessary deduction result in incorrect toll charges being debited from the owner’s bank account. A refund can be requested and initiated based on verification.

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