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Understanding Axlerate: The unified digital logistics management platform

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Why does the fragmented logistics industry need a unified solution?

The logistics and transportation industry plays a vital role in the economy of any country. However, there are a number of challenges involved in streamlining logistics and transport management as it is highly fragmented in most countries. For instance, in India the latest National Logistics Policy (2022) focuses on addressing the fragmentation issue in order to lower the GDP from 14-18% to 8% within a period of 5 years in order to achieve the global standards.

Therefore, a unified digital logistics management platform is needed to streamline all transport and logistics operations for greater visibility and accessibility. This system offers not only operational efficiency but also cost reduction possibilities that are valuable in today’s economy.

Understanding Axlerate: The unified digital logistics management platform

Complexities in logistics and transport management can be overwhelming as they require the management of an immense amount of data and transactions. Fortunately, there are technological solutions that can streamline such processes in order to create an efficient system. However, the products and solutions need to be sourced and utilized from multiple vendors or companies. 

Axlerate offers a comprehensive solution for logistics owners, fleet managers and truck drivers with a unified digital logistics management platform. The products and services from Axlerate helps in transporting goods efficiently, handling expenses with ease and gaining valuable insights from data.

How Axlerate can help your business with logistics and transportation technology?

  • AxleTags: AxleTags are FASTags for your commercial vehicles that you can buy and recharge online. The Tag is attached to your trucks and the fee is deducted automatically at toll plazas. AxleTags help you pay tolls with multiple recharge options. You can quickly recharge via admin panel and access transaction history in a user-friendly dashboard.

  • AxleCards: AxleCards can be used for fuel payments and fleet expenses. Fuel cards help you cut costs, gain rewards, recharge instantly and set transaction limits through the admin panel. Expense management cards help you link all your fleet expenses in a single card for cashless transactions, easy access, spend control and fraud prevention.

  • AxleFinance: AxleFinance provides financial assistance with capital loans, insurance and escrow service. You can receive capital loans to meet the financial demands of fleet operations, claim insurance benefits for potential threats for trucks, cargo and drivers and ensure a safe exchange of products and services in logistics with an escrow service.

  • AxleDirectory: AxleDirectory is an online transportation platform to book trucks and loads. If you are a cargo owner or a shipper, you can book trucks from verified logistics service providers for secure shipping and if you are a truck owner or driver you can list your trucks and find loads to reduce empty miles and increase revenue.

  • AxleMarketplace: AxleMarketplace is an online platform for buying and selling logistics supplies including trucks. You can find a wide range of products and services with simple navigation and custom search. Moreover, multiple payment options are available and you can get access to order tracking details from order placement to shipment delivery.

  • AxleDrive: AxleDrive provides GPS devices & fleet management solutions to optimize fleet operations. You can track your vehicles and monitor performance in real-time for greater safety with the GPS device. Moreover, our digital fleet management solutions provide fleet metrics or analytics to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. 

  • AxlePay: AxlePay is a simplified and comprehensive payment platform for transactions in logistics with seamless account creation, money transfer, payroll and lending services. AxlePay enables you to experience secure and connected payment services through increased speed, convenience and cost savings along with expense tracking features.

Let’s Wrap Up!

The logistics industry in many countries is highly fragmented and requires a unified solution to streamline logistics and transport management. Though logistics and transportation technology is available it has to be sourced from different vendors. Fintech platforms developed for the purpose of creating a unified logistics ecosystem helps to simplify operations and payments. 

Axlerate is a fintech logistics management platform to unify all fleet-related operations and expenses. Our solutions help to simplify tolls, fuel purchases, fleet expenses, loans, insurance, escrow, payments, truck booking, fleet management and the buying and selling of logistics products and services.

Simplify your fleet operations and payments with our unified fleet management platform.



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