Image of a person filling fuel in a vehicle to denote the need to improve fleet fuel efficiency

How to improve fleet fuel efficiency and save money?

What is fleet fuel efficiency and why does it matter? Fuel efficiency denotes the amount of fuel required to cover a certain distance. It depends on various factors including the route, vehicle health and driving conditions. Improving fleet fuel efficiency is of prime importance because it helps you reduce fuel cost for the fleet while increasing productivity. In order to improve fleet fuel efficiency, you need to adopt certain practices, monitor patterns and switch to relevant technologies.  Why should logistics companies improve fleet fuel efficiency? The rise in fuel prices is a major challenge for most individuals and companies that own or operate personal or commercial vehicles. However, for logistics companies, fleet owners and truck drivers who operate small, medium-sized and large fleet, it is a heavy financial burden as these vehicles need many gallons of fuel every single day. Therefore, improving fleet fuel efficiency helps to reduce fuel costs and save money that can be used for other logistics operations. 4 Ways to improve fleet fuel efficiency and cut costs Why are fuel cards better than other options? Trucking fuel cards provide huge discounts, cashback and rewards for fuel purchases. Moreover, it does not require any installation compared to other options where software has to be installed. For instance, Axlerate provides the best trucking fuel cards that help you earn rewards, set transaction limits and keep track of your fuel expenses with a single card and a user-friendly dashboard. Let’s Wrap Up! Fuel efficiency is a matter of concern, especially for logistics companies, fleet owners and truck drivers. There are several ways to improve fleet fuel efficiency including route optimization, driver monitoring, vehicle maintenance and fuel discounts. Comparatively, using fuel cards to gain discounts, cashback and rewards is an easier and more effective option to improve fleet fuel efficiency and reduce fuel cost for the fleet. Axlerate is a unified platform for Logistics and transport management, payments and services. Our solutions help to simplify tolls, fuel purchases, fleet expenses, loans, insurance, escrow, payments, truck booking, fleet management and the buying and selling of logistics products and services.