Image of a person checking a receipt to denote the need to maintain FASTag minimum balance

How to keep your account active with FASTag minimum balance?

What do you need to know about FASTag minimum balance? FASTags require a security deposit during purchase based on the vehicle type and this amount is refundable when the account is permanently deactivated. In addition to the security deposit, FASTag service providers and banks require customers to maintain a FASTag minimum balance. The minimum balance required in FASTag ranges from ₹150 to ₹ 200 without which the vehicles will not be allowed to pass through toll plazas and the Tag will be blacklisted. However, The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) decided to remove the need to maintain minimum balance for FASTag in order to ensure seamless movement of vehicles at toll plazas. Why is Fastag reserved balance important for commercial vehicles? Commercial vehicles are at the greatest advantage in terms of FASTag as it ensures swift movement through toll plazas. Moreover, logistics owners and fleet managers need not worry about theft or misuse in terms of cash as FASTags can be recharged at any point in time and ensures secure payments. However, blacklisted FASTags are a serious issue for commercial vehicles due to the fact that these vehicles have tight delivery schedules and cannot risk wasting time at toll plazas. The importance of maintaining FASTag reserved balance includes the ability to pass through tolls even when the owner forgets to recharge the Tag.  4 simple ways you can check FASTag balance How AxleTag helps to maintain FASTag minimum balance? AxleTags are FASTags for commercial vehicles that help to make toll payments simple with instant recharge options and expense tracking features. Moreover, in order to prevent your Tag from being blacklisted, it sends notifications when the Tag is nearing the usage of the threshold limit or the minimum balance required in FASTag. Notifications of minimum balance is an added advantage for commercial vehicles because when fleet managers or logistics owners have multiple FASTags for different vehicles, they might lose track of the balance in each Tag. Therefore, having a FASTag minimum balance notification helps to keep the Tags active.  Let’s Wrap Up! The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has removed the need for the minimum balance required in FASTag. However, having a FASTag minimum balance is beneficial for commercial vehicles to keep track of the funds in each Tag and prevents it from any delays in toll plazas with having to recharge the blacklisted Tags. You can check FASTag balance online through SMS notifications, Monthly statements sent via email, Tag account portal of the service provider or bank and you can also reach out to the customer support team. AxleTags send notifications when the funds are reduced to the minimum balance for FASTag in order to recharge and keep the Tags active.  Axlerate provides a unified digital logistics management platform with transportation management solutions to simplify tolls, fuel purchases, fleet expenses, loans, insurance, escrow, payments, truck booking, fleet management and the buying and selling of logistics products and services.