Image of trucks crossing a toll plaza to denote that FASTag is damaged

What should you do if your commercial vehicle FASTag is damaged?

Understanding the common issues with FASTags FASTag issues can arise in terms of payments while passing tolls. It could include technical glitches, issues with the FASTag reader, the connected bank account or even with the Tag itself. Sometimes, wrong deductions, dual deductions or even unnecessary deductions can occur even without passing through toll booths. FASTag payment issues can also arise with blacklisted tags because of low balance or violations. Moreover, lost or stolen Tags can also pose a problem. However, these issues can be resolved efficiently by reaching out to the customer support of the FASTag provider or the national toll helpline. Also, if the FASTag is damaged, it can be replaced. What you need to know about damaged FASTags? Prolonged usage, harsh weather conditions and even a broken or cracked windshield because of accidents can cause FASTags to be damaged. However, it’s not just about the FASTag sticker damage. Since FASTags have a chip installed with all the relevant details and a sensor to read the Tags while passing through toll plazas, any damage to the Tag or its components can prevent it from being read effectively. Moreover, if a vehicle has an invalid or a damaged FASTag, it will be treated as having no Tag and the driver may need to pay additional charges. However, you can always replace damaged FASTags.  Why should you remove the damaged FASTag during an accident? There are a number of reasons to replace damaged FASTag during an accident. It is essential to remove your FASTag to avoid FASTag sticker damage because the microchip embedded in the Tag might be destroyed if the windshield of your vehicle is cracked and you will also have to transfer any remaining balance from that damaged FASTag into a new Tag. Moreover, discarding or leaving FASTags unattended during an accident can cause criminals to take advantage of the situation since FASTags are connected to a bank account and it can be manipulated or misused. Therefore, it is important to replace damaged FASTags.  How to get a replacement if your FASTag is damaged? If your FASTag is damaged, it is best to reach out directly to the bank or service provider that issued it for assistance. You can usually get new fastag if damaged at an additional fee. The new Tag will be linked to your bank account that was used for the previous or damaged FASTag and the remaining balance will be transferred to the new Tag. AxleTags are the best FASTags for commercial vehicles with instant recharge options, real-time spend tracking through notifications and a user-friendly dashboard along with debit adjustments for wrong toll deductions. Moreover, you can request new Tags if your FASTag is damaged, lost or stolen and reach out to the customer support team in case of any queries.  Let’s Wrap Up! FASTag payment issues can be due to the FASTag reader, connected bank account or the Tag itself. Blacklisted, lost, stolen or damaged Tags can cause a problem in making toll payments. The FASTag sticker damage can occur due to harsh weather, wear and tear or a broken windshield due to an accident. If your commercial vehicle FASTag is damaged, it is important to replace damaged FASTags because it might lead to additional charges and even misuse by criminals. You can reach out to the bank or service provider who issued the Tag to get new FASTag if damaged at an additional fee and the remaining balance in the damaged FASTag will be transferred to the new Tag. Axlerate is a unified platform for Logistics management, payments and services. Our solutions help to simplify tolls, fuel purchases, fleet expenses, loans, insurance, escrow, payments, truck booking, fleet management and the buying and selling of logistics products and services.