Image of a person using a mobile phone to denote the option to create online payment links

Why should you create online payment links to collect payments in Logistics?

What are payment links and how do they work? Payment processing is a tedious task when it comes to receiving payments as it involves transaction delays owing to complex payment methods. However, collecting payments via links and QR codes is gaining popularity recently as it proves to be efficient and simple. Logistics owners and fleet managers can create online payment links and share it through email, SMS and social media channels to request payment from customers. The customers can click on the link and make payments using multiple options including debit and credit cards, UPI, net banking and more.  Why should you use payment links to collect payments in logistics? In an industry like Logistics where a number of people are involved in the process of delivering shipments within strict deadlines, it is crucial to receive timely payments to ensure a seamless process. Therefore, circulating cash or using multiple equipment for card payments may not prove to be efficient in times of pressing need. Alternatively, payment links provide a simple solution to collect payment via links. There are a number of benefits of creating online payment links including payments with a website, multiple payment options and instant notifications. Depending on the service provider, you can customize the payment link according to your brand including the logo, colour, footer, configuration and custom fields.  Benefits of sending payment links to customers for logistics? How to create payment links and send it to customers? Let’s Wrap Up! Payment processing in Logistics is a tedious process as a delay in payments can disrupt the entire shipment delivery process. Payment links provide a simple solution to receive timely payments with the option to create payment links online and share it with customers via email, SMS and social media channels. There are a number of benefits of using payment links including getting paid without a website through multiple payment options and getting notified instantly. All you have to do to create a payment link is to create an account with a service provider, submit the KYC documents, fill the required fields in form and generate the link.  Axlerate provides a unified digital logistics management platform with transportation management solutions to simplify tolls, fuel purchases, fleet expenses, loans, insurance, escrow, payments, truck booking, fleet management and the buying and selling of logistics products and services.