Image of multiple trucks to denote challenges faced by fleet managers

How to overcome the challenges faced by Fleet Managers?

Why is Fleet Management necessary in today’s economy? Fleet Management ensures greater productivity of fleet operations while also reducing costs. Commercial fleet management involves monitoring fuel consumption, vehicle health, route optimization, and fleet-related expenses including parking, tolls, insurance and more. There are a number of challenges faced by fleet managers. A study reveals that efficient fleet management lowers accident costs by 16-30%, fuel by 7-20% & labour by 9-25% (Source: Verizon Connect).  Who are Fleet Managers and what is their primary role? Fleet operations managers, as the name suggests, manage a company’s vehicles or their own commercial vehicles to ensure a seamless delivery of shipments. Challenges in commercial fleet management involves maintaining the day-to-day operations of the fleet including vehicle acquisition, assigning vehicles to drivers, monitoring driving patterns, increasing fuel efficiency, setting maintenance schedules, tracking fleet metrics and ensuring legal compliance. What are the 4 biggest Challenges faced by Fleet Managers? How Technology Can Help overcome the challenges faced by Fleet Managers? The integration of technology in everyday fleet operations help to ease the challenges and provide relevant solutions for commercial fleet management. Let’s take a look at the most widely used technological solutions! Let’s Wrap Up! Commercial fleet management is a tedious process that fleet operations managers undertake to ensure a seamless flow of goods and services between shippers and customers. There are a number of challenges faced by fleet managers including administrative tasks, lack of visibility, fleet maintenance and multiple expense management. However, these challenges can be overcome by fleet management services provided by fintech companies  like invoice payment systems, fleet tracking systems and integrated fleet cards for seamless operations and payments. Axlerate is a fintech platform for the logistics ecosystem to monitor and manage fleet operations and payments.