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Everything you need to know about FASTags for commercial vehicles

Image of multiple trucks on the road to denote FASTag for commercial vehicles

Understanding FASTag for commercial vehicles

Toll payments are a struggle for all kinds of vehicles, however, it is a major struggle and financial burden for commercial vehicles as they travel frequently and cannot compromise on delivery timelines by waiting to pay at every toll plazas. FASTag for commercial vehicles enable cashless payments and help to drive through faster.

The Tag class depends on the type of commercial vehicle. Let’s take a look at the Tag class!

  • Tag Class 4 – Mini light commercial vehicle

  • Tag Class 5 – Light commercial vehicle

  • Tag Class 6 – Three axle commercial vehicles

  • Tag Class 7 – Trucks

  • Tag Class 12 – 4 to 6 axle commercial vehicles

  • Tag Class 15 – 7 or More axle commercial vehicles

What are the documents required for FASTag application?

The documents required for FASTag application differ in terms of individual and corporate vehicles and also with regard to the bank or FASTag provider. FASTag for commercial vehicles can either be individual or corporate based on the need. For instance, individual truck owners and truck drivers can opt for individual FASTags while fleet managers and logistics companies who own a considerable number of vehicles and have a registered business can opt for corporate FASTag for commercial vehicles. 

Documents required for individual FASTag application

  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the vehicle

  • PAN Card

  • ID proof – Driver’s License / Aadhaar Card / Passport / Voter ID

Documents required for corporate FASTag application

  • Proof or registration of the firm 

  • PAN card and address proof of Proprietor and company

  • Proof of the firm –  Public Ltd / Private Ltd / Sole Proprietorship / Partnership

  • Photo ID of the signing authority

  • List of Directors with address

  • Name and address of the Partners

How to buy and recharge FASTag online?

The application process of FASTag is quite simple, all you have to do to apply FASTag online is to login to the portal of the bank or FASTag provider, enter the vehicle details, upload the KYC documents, complete and submit the application form and proceed to make payment. The bank or FASTag providers will verify the information and authenticity of the documents and issue the FASTag. In case of any errors or incomplete information in the application form, the status and reason will be updated accordingly. 

You can buy and recharge FASTag online by loading money into the linked bank account through the client portal of the bank or FASTag provider. You can use multiple payment methods including NEFT/ IMPS, debit or credit card, UPI and more to recharge FASTag online.

What are the FASTag payment issues and solutions?

Though FASTag for commercial vehicles is the ideal solution for instant toll payments, there are certain FASTag payment issues that need to be addressed. In some cases, toll charges can be deducted twice, incorrect toll amount can be deducted, or toll fee can be deducted even when the vehicle does not pass through a toll plaza. The errors are mostly due to technical glitches.

Also, FASTag payment issues can arise from not having sufficient balance in the account, where the vehicle is not allowed to pass through the toll plaza unless the tag is recharged or should pay twice the toll fee in cash. However, FASTag payment issues can be efficiently resolved by reporting the issue to the customer support of the registered bank, FASTag provider or NHAI. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

FASTag for commercial vehicles is beneficial as it helps to make cashless payments and drive through tolls much faster without compromising on delivery schedules. The Tag class for commercial vehicles depends on the type of vehicle ranging from Tag class 4 to Tag class 15. The documents required for FASTag application include RC, PAN Card and other KYC documents. Moreover, you can apply FASTag online through a bank or FASTag provider and buy and recharge FASTag online through the client portal of the FASTag provider with multiple payment methods. Though FASTag payment issues are quite common, it can be resolved by reaching out to the customer support of the registered bank, FASTag provider or NHAI.

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