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All you need to know about blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles

Image of toll lanes to denote blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles

What happens if a FASTag gets blacklisted?

FASTags are the most convenient way to pay tolls especially for commercial vehicles that travel frequently for long distances. However, sometimes vehicles are denied access to toll plazas if the FASTag is blacklisted which is one of the FASTag payment issues. Blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles are a major problem because these vehicles usually operate under strict delivery schedules and cannot afford to lose time in toll booths. There are a number of reasons why a FASTag is blacklisted. However, the issue can be quickly resolved by reaching out to the customer support or the FASTag portal to know the FASTag blacklisted reason. 

3 reasons why FASTags are blacklisted

FASTags can be blacklisted due to insufficient balance, wrong vehicle Tag and violation of rules.  

  • Insufficient Balance: There is a threshold amount or a minimum balance required to pass through toll booths and if the FASTag wallet has an insufficient balance then the FASTag is blacklisted automatically.

  • Wrong Vehicle Tag: FASTag is issued based on the vehicle type and every vehicle has a particular category that cannot be used for any other vehicle type. For instance, there are specific FASTags for cars, light commercial vehicles, heavy construction machinery and other vehicles. Also, FASTags purchased for a particular vehicle cannot be transferred to another vehicle as it is issued based on the vehicle number and other supporting documents.

  • Violation of rules: Local authorities can request the FASTag providers to add a particular Tag in the blacklisted category if a complaint has been filed with the associated vehicle for violation of any rules. 

How to Activate a Blacklisted FASTag?

The issue of blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles can be resolved through recharge of FASTags. Once the FASTag account has sufficient balance, the Tag will be removed from the blacklisted category. If the FASTag remains blacklisted even after recharge, you can login to the My FASTag app provided by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) or use the client portal of your FASTag provider to check FASTag blacklisted reason and status. 

However, in some cases, the attempt to remove FASTag from blacklist will be unsuccessful if the Tag is associated with any violation of rules and necessary action is required to activate the blacklisted FASTag by the authorities.

The best way to avoid FASTags from getting blacklisted

In order to prevent blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles, the best solution is to maintain the threshold balance. However, for logistics owners and fleet managers, keeping track of FASTag account balance for multiple vehicles is a tedious process and failing to do so will result in additional expenses at toll plazas. That is why it is important to have a system that can send alerts when the FASTag wallet falls below the threshold amount or minimum balance.

AxleTags helps to prevent blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles by sending notifications when the FASTag account balance is almost falling short of the threshold balance. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

FASTag payment issues are quite common and blacklisted FASTag for commercial vehicles is a major struggle for logistics owners and fleet managers as they work under tight delivery schedules. FASTag blacklisted reasons can vary from insufficient balance, wrong vehicle Tag and violation of rules. You can check FASTag blacklisted status through the MyFASTag app or the client portal of your FASTag provider. However, having a system that sends notifications when FASTag accounts fall short of the threshold balance is helpful to prevent FASTags from getting blacklisted.

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