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4 features to consider when choosing the best online truck booking platform

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The benefits of using an online truck booking platform

An online truck booking platform simplifies the shipping process by providing real-time visibility and reducing empty miles. It eventually reduces the cost of driver wages and fuel for unproductive trips. According to an Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking conducted in 2020, driver wages account for 32% of all trucking related costs and 26% of trucking costs are spent on fuel alone. 

Moreover, it does not involve the presence of a middleman and thereby reduces additional expenses. Most online transport directories also provide online truck load booking options where part load booking and less than truckload booking services can be utilized for a cost-efficient shipping process. Through an online truck booking platform, shippers and carriers can connect in real-time and make a deal. 

What are the popular online truck booking platforms in India?

  • TruckGuru: TruckGuru provides full truckload services and advanced booking options on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It also provides transparent pricing options available online through a fare calculator.

  • AxleDirectory: AxleDirectory is a commission-free truck booking platform with a large network of Aadhaar verified service providers across India. You can list your trucks for free without middlemen charges and connect with shippers and carriers directly to book your trucks or loads. Moreover, it provides real-time tracking and multiple payment options. 

  • Trukky: Trukky offers full truckload and part truckload services with real-time tracking. It provides the option to make payments after the loading is completed and you can also pay for insurance to provide coverage for your goods in transit.

  • Vahak: Vahak provides a truck booking platform without commission and it facilitates the option to book trucks directly from the platform. It has a load market and a lorry market to book  both trucks and loads.

  • Bigtruck: Bigtruck provides a comprehensive booking process where shippers and carriers can create work, select a bid, accept work, track shipments, ensure delivery, get reports and make digital payments. 

4 features to consider when choosing the best online truck booking platform

  • Verified Service Providers: There are a number of online truck booking platforms available, however, it is important to choose a platform that has verified service providers to prevent discrepancies. 

  • No middlemen charges: One of the major reasons to switch to an online truck booking system features is to avoid middlemen charges including brokers. However, some online trucking platforms charge a commission for their services. Therefore, it is important to choose a platform that is commission-free to avoid additional expenses. 

  • Real-time tracking features: Visibility is a prime concern when it comes to shipping. Choose an online truck booking system that provides real-time tracking features to get instant notifications on order details and reports on booking history.

  • Multiple payment options: The payment process to book trucks online needs to be seamless in order to have successful bookings and it is necessary to choose a platform that provides multiple payment methods for convenience. 

Why should you use AxleDirectory for online truck booking?

AxleDirectory simplifies the booking process for both trucks and loads. No commission fees, free listing, Aadhaar verified service providers, these are just a few of the features that make this platform an ideal choice for anyone in need of reliable online transport directory services. Furthermore, customers have access to real-time tracking options as well as multiple payment methods which further enhance their experience with online truck booking. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

An online truck booking system has multiple benefits including real-time visibility, reducing empty miles and middlemen expenses. There are a number of popular online truck booking platforms in India including TruckGuru, AxleDirectory, Trukky, Vahak and Bigtruck. However, it is important to choose an online transport directory that includes a verified service provider, no middlemen charges, real-time tracking features and multiple payment options.

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