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How to solve the biggest challenges in logistics with fintech?

Why is logistics management so important? Logistics is a complex industry with a fragmented ecosystem that involves enormous amounts of data and transactions that need to be efficiently streamlined. There are a number of challenges in logistics and 57% of companies believe that logistics management solutions give them a competitive edge that enables them to further develop their business (Source: GEODIS, 2019). Therefore, efficient logistics operations management is a key factor contributing to the seamless functioning of business operations. What are the biggest challenges in logistics management? Logistics operations management involves the coordination of logistics owners, fleet managers and truck drivers. The process of transporting goods involves the need for real-time visibility, managing expenses and analysing crucial data. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest difficulties involved in logistics management. How does the fintech industry solve the challenges of logistics? Fintech platforms are revolutionising logistics operations management through unified systems, digital fleet management solutions and value added services. Let’s Wrap Up! The logistics industry requires logistics management solutions for frequent exchange of information and payments involving logistics owners, fleet managers and truck drivers. There is a need for real-time visibility, transportation and expense management along with other required solutions. Fintech industry provides solutions for efficient logistics operations management with a unified system, transportation management services and value added services.